It Was a Very Good Year – Part Two

6. Pedagoo Friday – was an idea initiated by a few Scottish teachers but mainly the inspirational Fearghal Kelly who is the driving force. Pedagoo is ‘an attempt by a loose collection of educators in Scotland to move beyond the rhetoric and inevitable negativity that surrounds most new initiatives in education’. I came up with the idea of #pedagoofriday in September when I saw so many creative ideas happening in schools and little access to sharing. The idea is to share one great thing that happened in your classroom that week. Some of that sharing has been inspirational.

7. Being brave – I’m not sure if it’s a Scottish thing but I know there is a wee voice in my head every time I tweet or blog, whispering, ‘this is terrible. You know nothing.’ Perhaps that is true. But no-one ever achieved anything by doing nothing. Whatever it is you have to say, say it. Maybe it is rubbish; maybe no one will want to read it. But what you will do is reflect upon what you’ve written and be better for it. The world doesn’t need another Blogger but what it does needs is another educator reflecting on his or her practice. It will help you, first of all. And that must be a good thing.

8. Not being afraid of self-promotion – Yes, people will criticise, point a finger, mock. But you want them to read your work, don’t you? Twitter is great for getting your stuff out to your audience; an audience which, remember, has chosen to follow you and what you do. I’ve never really felt bad about publicising my blog. God knows, there have been times when I’ve felt my posts were not as good as they could have been but there is a sense of urgency and immediacy about blogging which I enjoy. Reaction from others can sometimes be the best editing process.

9. Twitter – Despite the cynics, and I was one, Twitter is the best and easiest and quickest way to share ideas with other teachers. It is not the only way but for ease and speed it has been a life changer for me. I am constantly amazed by the wide variety of resources and ideas I can find on Twitter and even the wide ranging opinions can be a real eye-opener. What is important is that, if you want to use Twitter for educational purposes, then only follow those involved in education. I soon developed a fantastic personal learning network who are both helpful and unafraid to point out when I’m in the wrong.

10. The Hope That 2012 will be even better – And it will, you know. The first Teachmeet of the year is on January 4th. Come along. It may just be the change you’re looking for. Thanks to everyone who has read or commented on My Blog this year. In 2012 Ipromise I’ll try to be better then last year.

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